Hey! I’m excited to finally share that I worked on this amazing project. As a texturing and modeling artist (and a little bit of motion), I had the incredible opportunity to contribute to this opening sequence that’s all about the joy of dancing and the art of moving our bodies. The tale goes that once the store closes its doors, the products come to life, embarking on their own wild party. I had the privilege of working on a range of objects that would make the sequence pop:

🔊 Speakers: I modeled and textured them, so the little DJ (that used to be a monkey and eventually became a dog) could play and dance to them.

🌈 Rainbow Globes and Mirrorballs: The rainbow globes were harder to model than I thought they would be, but still easier than the mirrorball. How can a mirrorball be this hard?? I love texturing them, tho.

💰 Gold Coins: Evoking a sense of mysticism, these coins appear on the last shots, where the dancing pile of objects caves in.

🏊 Pool Floats: Adding a splash of fun to the scene, I textured all the pool floats, making sure they were vibrant and inviting.

📻 Radios: To infuse the scene with rhythm and beats, I brought the radios and receiver to life with textures that captured the mixture of different styles.

I also animated the plants that open up for the camera to fly through, and comped the 3d renders of the tiled dancing objects.

As the show celebrates the power of movement, the opening sequence was designed to be more than just visuals — it’s an invitation to feel the rhythm, embrace the energy, and let your body loose. I’m beyond proud to have contributed to this intro that sets the tone for what’s to come.

I love working with Koi Factory‘s team, they are genuinely awesome. Please take a look at their post too.