Elder Wand

Hey, muggles! 🧙🏻

I recently watched Harry Potter for the very first time. Shameful, right? Well, I was about to visit the studios here in London, and I wanted to be fully immersed in the Wizarding World, understand all the references, and recognize every set and prop. And guess what? I f*cking fell in love with the movies! ⚡❤️

To share my newfound passion, I made Dumbledore’s Elder Wand in 3D, using the mystical tools of Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter 🪄. Take a look at my latest creation. It was kinda hard to find high resolution references from the movies, but I put the best one down here.

I’ve always been drawn to the enigmatic side of things, and I wanted to infuse that essence into the renders, keeping the wand’s undeniable powerful and secretive aura. Come explore the depths of this iconic wizarding artifact before I put it away. I heard there is a noseless guy trying to steal it.

My main reference:

You can see a timelapse of the process here:

P.S.: I originally planned to share this only next week because the video needed some final touches. But fate had other plans. Michael Gambon, the incredible actor who portrayed Dumbledore, sadly passed away yesterday. In his honor, I decided to share the project now. 🙏