I hope you like the result of a year and a half of hard work, research, tests (with f*ck tons of real chocolate for reference, over 26lb in total) and a lot of bad words I invented in my head every time that something went wrong. If stylized lighting and atmosphere are on one side and photorealistic models and textures are on the other, my aim was to achieve a style right smack in the middle.
This project was a real challenge, from modeling to color grading. But you know what? It has been totally worth it. The crazy thing is that I didn’t even like chocolate, but over the process, it has become an obsession of mine, so much that now I should consider going to a rehab 😆. Take some time to check out the finished video. You won’t regret it!

Ah, I spent some time recreating these logos and turning them into categories, I was gonna put them on the final credits, but I gave up because it would look too narcissist crediting myself 10 times, lol.